Mystic Seer's Services

Mystic Seer's Services
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Jyotish Natal Analysis:  Vedic Astrology provides profound insight into one's personality, potential and opportunity from a western perspective $120.00 per in-depth reading.

Compatibility Analysis:  Does (s)he love me?  Does (s)he love me not?  Check you compatibility quotient.  Will you work well together in business or love?  Discover the strengths and weaknesses inherent in any relationship.  Compatibility analysis reveals the potential interaction between two individuals.  $108.00 per reading.

Nama Karan  (Name Giving):  We give the sound of the first letters of a baby's name as prescribed in the Vedic Scriptures.  The nakshatra of the Moon at the time of your child's birth determines what sound is in synchronicity with his or her nature.  Naming the child in this manner confers harmony with lunar planetary influences.  $30.00

Annual Forecast  (Gochara):  The analysis of temporary planetary influence in relation to one's natal birth chart is at the heart of all astrological forecasting.  By studying the angles of light cast between the luminaries and planets, future trends and influences are foreseen.  $108.00 per in depth reading.

Timing of Events:  Timing is everything.  Get superior results by selecting the best time and date for incorporation, marriage, onset of business partnership, conception of a blessed child or electional surgery.  $60.00 per event.

Maha Dasa Reading:  When will my karma change?  Discover your own individual major periods of life change.  $108.00 per in depth reading.

Progressed Horoscope (Varsaphala):  Progressions reveal current concerns, changes in our point of view and unveils new potentials.  $120.00 per in depth reading.

Prasna ( Horary Astrology):  Questions about life, love, family, career answered.  $60.00 per reading.

Astro-Therapy: Gain profound insight during times of chaos.  $60.00 per hour.

Astro Gem Prescription:  Find out which gems to wear based on your Vedic horoscope.  Learn how the gem should be set, which finger to wear it on and which day you should commence wearing the stone for best results, also which mantras to chant to invoke blessings.  $30.00.

Tarot Card Reading:  Mystically symbolic cards are read to answer varieties of questions providing wisdom into the intricacy of human experience.  Insights given on matters of love, marriage and career.  $60.00 per hour.

Palm Reading:  Gives an indication of past & present emotional experiences revealing our strengths and weaknesses, giving us an understanding of how we best put these qualities to use in the future $5.00 a minute.

Relocation Charts:  Determine the primary influence at any given location of earth.  This is helpful when one is deciding to relocate $30.00 per location.

Separate Printed Reports:

Children's Horoscope:  This report helps us understand the psycho-physical nature of our dear child or children.  $35.00 per report

Career Aptitude Report:  Heron and Hawk's Astrological Career Report helps analyze natural tendencies and the talent one brings to the workplace.  This report assists one in the selection of a career.  $50.00.

Compatibility Analysis:   Blue Star's Win Writer Report:  $35.00; Kepler's Gina Ronco: $35.00; Goravani Jyotish Spousal $15.00  and Simple General Compatibility Analysis- $10.00.

Natal Analysis:  Kepler"s Merlin $40.00; Blue Star's Astro Talk $40.00; Solar Fire: $40.00; Kepler's New Age Woman: $40.00;  Goravani Jyotish  $40.00;  Vedic Bookshelf: $40.00.

Yogas (Planetary Combinations with interpretations):  Vedic Bookshelf- $20.00; Goravani Jyotish- $20.00

Transit (Gochara): without interpretations: One Year: Outer Planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) Win Star, Solar Fire, Kepler: $10.00;  With interpretations $40.00.  Without interpretations: One Year all planets not including Moon. Winstar, Solar Fire or Kepler $20.00  With Interpretations:  One Year:  Win Star $55.00 

Flower  Essence And Gem Stone Report- by Kelper.  Astrologically analyzes which scents (aroma therapy) and gems would enhance your life $35.00

Solar Return- Kepler's Solar Return Report, another way to look at where you are this year.  $40.00


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Review on Yelp

  • "So very happy and grateful to discover Dr. Gloria Martin Been searching for a Naturopathic Dr. / Acupuncturist in Hawaii Kai area for awhile and wish I had known about her a long time ago - but better late than never! Have had chronic back issues for about 12 years due to a past injury and through the years have gone to so many different doctors including osteopaths, chiropractors, 'body work healing', physical therapists, massage therapists, trigger point therapists, acupuncturists, etc. -- but none of their treatments lasted more than a few days. However, have recently had several treatments from Dr. Martin that have kept me 'pain free' for weeks before needing another treatment! This is the longest period of not having back pain and I look forward to being completely healed - which I know is already happening. She is a gifted healer and master in so many ways and is my special 'angel' ! Kind, caring and down to earth- she is an INCREDIBLE Doctor!!!"
  • "Absolute life changer! I have been suffering for 4 months with an unexplained itch in my left shoulder and elbow. Blood work had no answers, steroid cream did nothing, ice was the only fix (the internet diagnosed me with Brachioradial Pruritus w/no known cure or definitive cause).
    For months I slept with ice packs on my arm going through 4 packs a night. It was an itch like a fiend. I was ready to cheese grater my arm off! I decided to try Acupuncture since no western medicine was working. Gloria absolutely cared about fixing me. I have done 4 sessions spaced out about a week each, and each time after it began giving me my life back. The itch became less often, or easier to calm, a night or two without ice and I am amazed and beyond THANKFUL to say I am four days and nights of no itch and no ice . I 100% would recommend Gloria. Appointment booking is easy, super friendly staff, very personalized plan of attack. My insurance doesn't cover acupuncture but it was worth every PENNY!"
  • "How many people can say they found the GOAT of a particular field/practice? (me me ME!! - waving hand in the air) I BELIEVE DR. MARTIN IS THE GOAT OF ACUPUNCTURE & MASSAGE!! First of all, wifey was looking for a Dr nearby that could help me with my shoulder/neck/back pains & migraines. She searched thru Yelp, BBB etc. Finally thru Yelp we found Dr. Martin with a 5 star rating. I really hate needles, but was willing to try anything at that point cause the pain was that bad. After the first treatment it felt like the pressure in my neck/shoulders was greatly improved. Now I see her at least every 2 weeks for maintenance. My migraines are few and far between. Before it was several times a month. She uses Chinese medicine & knows her stuff (she's been doing this for 35 years now) & she's Haole (a.k.a. Caucasian). After the first appointment, you can make your appointments online. We love her cause she's good at what she does. She really cares about fixing you up."
  • "Dr Gloria Martin is a sensitive caring and gentle healer. I went to her in a mess and walked out feeling so much better and optimistic about my prognosis. I would highly recommend."
  • "I am so thankful I have found Dr. Gloria Martin. She is awesome! I have had chronic knee pain and after my first visit my knee felt so much better, after my second visit I feel like I have had a knee replacement the pain has gone. Now she is working on other parts of my body. Yes I am falling apart lol. Old age. Gloria is very knowledgeable, kind, caring, and professional, with a great sense of humor. By far the BEST Acupuncturist around. Like other reviewers have stated she is a true gifted healer. I am a perfectionist by nature and I would not recommend anyone I did not have complete faith in. So if your looking for an acupuncturist pick up the phone make an appointment you will not be disappointed. I am so glad I did."
  • "I love this place! Gloria is very knowledgeable, resourceful and wise. She is always in a good mood and relaxed. She has been amazing in my healing process from a car accident where my neck and lower back got injured. She is seeing me under Geico non fault car accident and they have been making my experience very easy, relaxing, healing and pleasant. Together with physical therapy, I'm seeing great improvements and I feel amazing every time I leave my treatments. Thank you, Gloria!"